This Security & Privacy Policy governs’s ("we", "us" or "ECHO") treatment of personally identifiable information and rights that ECHO collects when you use the website (“the website”), since we value your privacy to make sure you can use ECHO’s service and information without worrying. Please take some time to read the following content to secure your personal information.

Applicability of Security & Privacy Policy

This Security & Privacy Policy includes how we process your personally identifiable information when you use ECHO service. The policy does not apply to the websites outside the “” domain, nor does it apply to personnel not commissioned to perform tasks related to this website, nor to those not involved in the management of this website.

Collection, processing and use of personal information

When you use the services provided by ECHO, we will ask you to provide necessary personal information with regards to the service essence, the name, e-mail address and usage time provided by you will be retained. We will only process and use your personal information within specific purpose and ambit. Unless we have obtained your consent or other special provisions of the Act, the website will never disclose your personal data to third parties or use it for purposes other than the above purpose of data collection.

During normal browsing, the server will record relevant activities on its own, including the IP address of your connected device, the time of use, the browser you are using, and browsing and clicking on data records, as a reference for our website services. This record is for internal use and will never be published.

Data Security

Website hosts are equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other related information security devices and necessary security measures to protect the site and your personal data using strict protection measures, only authorized personnel can access your personal information. All relevant processing personals are required to sign confidentiality contracts. Any person who violates confidentiality obligations will be subject to relevant legal sanctions.

Links to outside websites

The web pages of this website provide internet links of other websites. You can also click to enter other websites through the links provided on this website. However, this linked website does not apply to the privacy protection policy of this website. You must refer to the privacy protection policy in this linked website.

The use of Cookie

In order to provide the best service, the website will install and adopt our cookie on your computer. Please be rest assured that the cookie does not contain any functions to identify your personal details. If you are unwilling to accept such cookies, you can set the level of security to “high”, and then the installation of the cookie will be rejected. Nevertheless, this may result in some functions of the website to work irregularly.

Integrated Privacy Policy of Third party

Our Youtube Trends service collect information from Youtube API Services and the increasing views, comments and likes which is from Youtube API services will be weighted.

Adapt to all clients - Google privacy policy

Adapt to all clients - Youtube Terms of Service

Modification of Privacy Policy

This privacy and website security policy is subject to change at any time. Any revision of the terms will be posted on this website.